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About Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

MHRB is the pioneer name of the beneficial Mimosa Tenuiflora shrub root bark. Due to its magical healing powers and other potential benefits, this plant is famous all around the world. However, it carries a unique name in different parts of the world, such as Calumbi in Brazil and Tepezcohuite in Mexico. The tree has proved to be beneficial for the ecosystem as it contributes to the process of nitrogen fixation.

Our business has been serving people for over 6 years. We started as a small independent wholesaler and now we have over 400 clients. Our excellent commitment to service has led us to ship higher quality products than our competitors.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark comes from a perennial tree that grows in an area stretching from northern Brazil to Southern Mexico. It is popular for its wide variety of incredible health, beauty, medicinal and spiritual benefits to humans.

The tree grows quickly (around 5 feet per year), is very resilient, provides food and shelter for wildlife, and fertilizes the soil around it, encouraging other plant growth. The tree’s lumber is very hardy and resistant to rot, making it a popular choice for construction. Small, stringy, white flowers bloom at different times of the year depending on which hemisphere it grows in. The tree is also known as: mimosa tenuiflora, jurema preta, calumbi and tepezcohuite.

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